Healthy eating, healthy lifestyle

I am back in NYC for 2 weeks.  The way I eat is part of my lifestyle, it is who I am.  I love the way I feel! I eat totally gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, have achieved my ideal weight, exercise at CrossFit and surround myself with people who like to feel and look healthy.  Having a support system is huge for me.  15 years ago I dropped a good 20 pounds and my health immediately began to improve. My blood sugar levels balanced, due to cutting out sugar, bad fats, table salt   and using the Shaklee soy protein. I have tried so many other shakes and programs to lose weight and would gain and lose weight constantly. This was the only  program  which became a lifestyle that worked immediately. No checking calories and no more craving. YAHOO, what a freedom!

This trip I brought Paleo Krunch bars. They are new and soooo delicious.  Grainless Granola bar. The link is below, check them out.

  Now that I eat more meat than I did in the past. I always choose  meats that are hormone free and grass-fed.  I use the Shaklee supplements, like OmegaGuard, a pharmaceutical grade omega-3 fatty acid, Cinch tea which aids in balancing out my blood sugar  and of course a solid multi vitamin, their Vitalizer. 

My weight has bee n stable for years and recently I lost a few more pounds and gained muscle due to the CINCH program, Paleo diet and CrossFit. 

Between the business partners I have who also represent the Shaklee product lines, my clients who become close friends and people at the CrossFit gym I am surrounded by action oriented people who love to feel and look great.  We support each others goals and are actually in better moods most of the time because we physically feel good.

Seize the moment, this is it, right now, ENJOY!

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Traveling Gluten Free

Ireland beautyTraveling was easier than I thought when it came to eating Gluten free.  I believe it was because I had made a decision years ago live without wheat or gluten.  Yes, there were temptations but only fleeting desires.  I was in Ireland for 8 days with family who all eat anything and everything.  The bread and desserts were plentiful.  I used to love Irish soda bread, now here it was in IRELAND.  I would go quickly from those thoughts to the stomach aches, weight gain and exhaustion that would come if I gave in and ate gluten/wheat and even sugar. 

Due to my commitment I had so much energy, felt great and enjoyed the food without the gluten, wheat or sugar. I was happily surprised to see gluten-free bread and desserts in many places. I did not indulge because they would set up cravings for me and did not want to go there.

My pattern in the past, and I say “in the past” has been when I return from traveling to indulge in sugar and gluten-free breads with lots of butter and peanut butter.  Not this time.  The desire was totally lifted, so cool.  I am still away from home, in NYC visiting family, but protecting myself by having foods in the house that do not trigger cravings in my system.  My blood sugar is balanced due to high protein, vegetable and small fruit intake.  I am also exercising everyday and speaking with positive, spiritual action oriented people.  I am blessed that my clients meet that criteria as well.

So, if you are going to travel, bring some healthy munchies and stay alert to  gluten/wheat free menu items, they are there.

I would love to hear about your travel experiences.

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