Live presentation

“Living gluten & wheat free- first steps” was presented at Nutrition S’Mart in Pt. St. Lucie, Fl on Saturday. I began the presentation with asking everyone to state  in a few words why they came to this presentation.  All the areas of concern were addressed in my Powerpoint, it was so cool.  Inflammation, weight gain, bad stomach pains, lack of energy, and cravings for gluten and wheat products. There were more but those were some of the most common.

It was so rewarding to be able to have  information for people who have been struggling with irritating to life threatening symptoms with no answers as to what the cause may be. The group supported each other because they could identify with each other and their symptoms. There was a sense of relief that by taking gluten & wheat out of their diets they may be able to lose weight, bring down the inflammation, have symptoms disappear without taking medication just getting creative with their eating choices and taking high quality supplements to heal their bodies. 

The links and books I recommended with recipes and information were greatly appreciated. 

The group understood that if they were ready to give up instant gratification they may be free long-term of annoying aches and pains. They also grasped that healing their bodies was a necessity.  Explaining that I had done years of research before I decided on a high quality brand of vitamins that are gluten & wheat free, and manufactured by  a research and science company that has been a leader in the industry for over 54 years,   gave them reassurance that they did not have to spend time doing the research. They also loved the support and guidance I offer. 

We had a great time. After my presentation we moved to the other end of the store for a gluten & wheat free cooking class. We learned 2 simple recipes: Teff Banana Pancakes and Gluten free tabouli. Go to for the recipes. 

Suzie Presenting "Living gluten & wheat free -First Steps"


Gluten-free conference call today

This is the first Gluten-free conference call I will be hosting. I am going to do this once a month and see if it is helpful for people like me or newbees.  I have held local Gluten-free dinners for one year locally. Those attending, including myself have learned new tips and enjoyed being with other people who “get it”.  We have talked about weight loss, weight gain, stomach problems, dry skin, all sorts of issues that come from being misdiagnosed or just not wanting to admit the gluten was slowly killing us. 

I have many customers who live all over the country who have missed out  on our Gluten-free dinners and are excited to meet via the phone.

I am a nervous about the call tonight since it is the first.  I am not an expert, just a woman living gluten-free for 5 years and love bringing people together.  If a gym owner had not introduced me to a healthier way of eating,  the high quality brand of  food supplements, non-toxic cleaners, skin care, all products that go in, on and around me, I would not be as healthy as I am today or in the position of enjoying being a resource to others.

Hope to hear you on the phone, I will be encouraging  interaction.

9:00-10:00pmET   605-475-4875  pin 121118#

Monday’s Gluten Free Meeting

Once a month in our area we have a meeting for those who are wondering if gluten/wheat is the cause for many of their health issues, and those who have discovered it has. We had 6 new people Monday night, our 3rd meeting. How cool is that!

Having stomach aches every day for 35 years I did not know it was the gluten/wheat that were the culprits. What a relief when I started paying attention to my body and connecting running to the bathroom, or headaches or itchy skin to eating the gluten/wheat. 5 years ago when I went gluten/wheat free there were very few people to share information with or foods in the stores that gave me new choices. Now, look what’s happened. More and more people are connecting their issues to these grains and the stores and online offer lots of choices.
Soon to be announced I will open up a conference line once a month for people all over the country meet and share resources, recipes and ideas on how to enjoy a gluten/wheat free lifestyle. Stay tuned…

I would love your input on what has worked for you adjusting to living Gluten free or any questions you may have.

Click here to view site where I learned if I was gluten sensitive and gave me lots of info.