Fall and Winter recipe #3 – Pumpkin Pie Smothee

Fall and Winter recipe #3 - Pumpkin Pie Smothee

TIP: Freeze tablespoons of 100% pumpkin. Put them in baggies once frozen.

–8oz of Shaklee Filtered Water
–4 frozen pumpkin tablespoons
–2 scoops Vanilla Chai Smoothee
–1/2 scoop Vanilla Energizing Soy Protein
–1/4 teaspoon all spice
–1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
And blend!
SO VERY YUMMY!! Thanks to Cawn Dionizio-Chasse


Is emotional eating a challenge for you?

emotional eatingI just read an article on my Shaklee 180 site that rings so true for me. I was talking with a good friend last night, she is thin, in great shape but has the same issue, emotional eating.

Do you think before you eat? Are you emotions dictating what and how much you eat?

Below are some good tips to be a conscious, healthy eater.