Gluten-free vitamins and protein

I have been loyal to a brand of products for over 15 years.  The reason for this is:

  • First vitamins and protein shakes that balanced my blood sugar, which meant no more cravings, weight loss of over 20 pounds without feeling deprived, the end of my 3 weeks of PMS every month and more energy.
  • The manufacturer has been naturally safe, effective and green for over 52 years. Backed up by over 100 scientific papers published in peer-reviewed journals. Science and proof have always been important to me.
  • The company was first in the world to be Climate Neutral certified to totally offset greenhouse gas emissions. I like to know my money is going to a company that supports my values and vision. 

Here is my suggestion for a basic package of vitamins and complimentary products:   ALL GLUTEN/WHEAT/DAIRY-FREE

Vitalizer: Promotes brain, joint health, digestion, energy, immune system strength.

CINCH Shake: Halts cravings by balancing blood sugar and building lean muscle mass. Part of weight loss and maintenance program

CINCH Protein bars: Peanut butter or lemon cranberry are a delicious, convenient way to get 10 grams of protein at 120-130 calories, 3 grams of fiber and low glycemic index. part of weight loss and weight maintenance program

NutriFeron: Provides immune support at cellular level. Great for allergies.

Get Clean Kit: Non-toxic, biodegradable cleaners and laundry detergent.  I have 3 bottles under my kitchen sink that clean the entire house.  They each last about a year. The all-purpose cleaner is a 16 ounce bottle that makes 48 gallons of organic super cleaning concentrate. This kit would cost you $3400.00 in the store. Kit saves you thousands of dollars.   Did you know that women who work at home have a 54% higher death rate from cancer due to their household cleaners. -15 yr study by Toronto indoor air conference.   I do not want to be one of those statistics.

If you want to see if these products  work as good or better than what you are using (like they did for me)  go to and redirect your spending. The “About Me” page has the products outlined.  I am also available to personalize programs, my clients love that, keeps them from wasting their money and saves time.


Monday’s Gluten Free Meeting

Once a month in our area we have a meeting for those who are wondering if gluten/wheat is the cause for many of their health issues, and those who have discovered it has. We had 6 new people Monday night, our 3rd meeting. How cool is that!

Having stomach aches every day for 35 years I did not know it was the gluten/wheat that were the culprits. What a relief when I started paying attention to my body and connecting running to the bathroom, or headaches or itchy skin to eating the gluten/wheat. 5 years ago when I went gluten/wheat free there were very few people to share information with or foods in the stores that gave me new choices. Now, look what’s happened. More and more people are connecting their issues to these grains and the stores and online offer lots of choices.
Soon to be announced I will open up a conference line once a month for people all over the country meet and share resources, recipes and ideas on how to enjoy a gluten/wheat free lifestyle. Stay tuned…

I would love your input on what has worked for you adjusting to living Gluten free or any questions you may have.

Click here to view site where I learned if I was gluten sensitive and gave me lots of info.