Paleo increased fitness

I have been eating according to the Paleo Diet for about a year.  I have also veered off with gluten free breads and sugar at times. Amazing how tired, achy I feel when I cheat. Also pounds and inches come on really fast when I am not strictly Paleo.  I have seen a marked difference in my workouts at CrossFit Vero Beach in the past 2.5 weeks since only eating Paleo. My running times have improved without any of the usual knee aches and I am lifting more. Today Thrusters at 75#  that is a 35# increase.  Paleo has been the piece I have been missing.  I had lost 20lbs. years ago with the Shaklee CINCH products, still use them for maintenance and keeping my immune system up.  I also use all their other products like the non-toxic biodegradable cleaners, shampoos, deodorant, sunscreen all with no chemicals or artificial flavors, colors or sugar substitutes. 

So I have been on the right track for my weight, immune system, mind and energy for years. Paleo has brought me to the next level.

As Mark Sisson says in The Primal Blueprint, Reprogram your genes for effortless weight loss, vibrant health, and boundless energy.  That is exactly what it has done for me.

So my program, eat Paleo, use Shaklee full line of products – food supplements including their essential fatty acids, non – toxic cleaners, products for my skin and teeth that promote health due to  being chemical fee.  What a  great recipe for health and success!


New habits for healthy weight loss

Living gluten-free has been a first step for me.  Actually doing a ton of research, getting referrals as to what the top brand of products to use was my first step in starting new habits.  When I  switched to the Shaklee food supplements the inches and pounds that had been stuck to me began to disappear. Quickly!  My moods shifted from mostly depressed to being energetic and feeling happy.  My hormones began to balance. (my husband was very thankful for that)

All that made creating new habits so much easier. I was now running downhill instead of feeling like I was always hiking uphill towards happiness and my ideal weight.  I was motivated to continue taking my new set of vitamins because they were working.  I loved feeling happy and fitting into my old jeans that had been collecting dust in the closet. 

I need payoff to change my behavior. Whether it is how I eat or being in the habit of not feeling good.  16 years ago I got that payoff  all because Susan, the owner of Ridgefield Athletic Club introduced me to the full line of Shaklee products and guided me with a personalized program with the weight loss products, skin care and getting the non-toxic biodegradable products in-house as well.       I had no idea that toxins from household cleaners could block weight loss. According to Dr. Paula Baillie-Hamilton by reducing the amount of  “Chemical Calories”  in my home it would help prevent further damage to my slimming system. Go to The Body Restoration Plan if you want to learn more about the slimming system.

Once I was feeling better, had more energy and had some success under my belt with losing weight I was ready to change my behavior.  When I was tempted to watch TV in the kitchen I would catch myself and go for a walk or go outside and read.  TV in the kitchen was big eating spot for me. 

Check out Habit 1 from Stephen Covey’s book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

We must take responsibility.

What will you do today to be proactive with living gluten-free and reaching or maintaining your ideal weight?

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Weight loss while traveling

Still traveling, now in NYC.  This is the 3rd week.  For the first time during a trip I lost weight,  13 pounds.  It is also the first time I did not give into  ice cream, m & m’s, or gluten-free bread while away.  I feel so good.   I believe what has sustained my body is eating according to the Paleo Diet and using Shaklee food supplements. That has been a strategic combination for me.  Sustained energy, satiety, and weight loss, yahoo!  I have been exercising, but that is not something new. 

Come join us tomorrow night on our National conference call discussing controlling weight while eating delicious, gluten free food and hear what worked for me. What if a similar combination supported your goals for weight loss, weight maintainance, increased energy and lack of cravings for sugar or breads.  It has been a real freedom for me.

1st photo May 12th

2nd photo July 2nd   13 pounds lighter, inches lost due to correct combination on Shaklee food supplements and Paleo Diet.

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