Your Year – Your Choice

This is it,  2012.  What will it be?  The holidays are over, but are the excuses?  I definitely strayed off my path over the holidays.  I am so grateful that I have a health plan, so when I do stray it is not very far.

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Diets work, but do not stick.  Having a plan, a lifestyle that matches your values and vision of who you are, raise the success rate.  I love to have energy, think clearly, comfortably fit into my clothes and be free of cravings.  That is path I live on. Time to go back home.

The plan that has worked for me and countless others is choosing high quality protein from shakes or Hormone free meat,  lots of vegetables and some fruit.  Drinking pure water and lots of it is essential as well.

It is essential while losing pounds to maintain lean muscle mass.  Combining the CINCH products and the Paleo lifestyle is a strong combination to maintain lean muscle mass, energy, mental clarity and quick, solid weight loss and weight maintenance.

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Beyond gluten & wheat free for ideal weight

I enjoyed living  gluten & wheat free for a many years. Then I realized even gluten free grains were making me feel tired, achy,and I was gaining weight every time I indulged in gluten-free grains.

Experimenting with eliminating grains from my diet has brought me to a new plateau with quick weight loss and a bolt of new-found energy. Just like when I gave up gluten & wheat foods it has taken me time to except that grains add-on the pounds and make me feel unhealthy. 

This week has been a turning point for me. I now accept that my body does not do well when I take in any source of grains. This was huge to finally accept that, and to stop testing the  gluten-free grain filled foods. I am done.  I have felt so good for years, maintained my ideal weight, except when I add any grains.  Well, I am ready to treat my body as the temple that it is, maintain my ideal weight, be filled with energy, mental  clarity, and  live without bloating and digestive upset.

Thank goodness I was turned on to the Paleo diet and have numerous, easy to prepare, delicious recipes that are grain free, dairy-free and sugar-free.  I am always grateful for my Shaklee gluten-free food supplements, nontoxic cleaners and paraben free skin and personal care products.