Triggers of Weight Gain, Prediabetes, Diabetes and More

Wondering why you are having issues with weight gain, inflammation, diabetes and more? Yet your eating healthy, especially all those really good whole wheat products?

Read this article by Dr. Mark Hyman and find out.



Monthly Gluten-free dinner meeting

We actually met at Panera Bread. Yes! They have gluten-free salads and will probably in the future have yummy gluten-free breads.  The meal was inexpensive and delicious. They have notebooks behind the counter with every ingredients. So, if you go to Panera Bread ask to see it. 

I have taken off a few pounds since I returned from Ireland and NYC. I stayed true to myself, treated myself well and stayed off the sugar and dairy. I have not had any gluten/wheat in over 5 years, that I don’t play with.  I have given up sugar and dairy in the past but not for long. This has been such a freedom.  My Shaklee protein shakes took the initial weigh off (close to 30 lbs.)stabilized my weight for 15 years, and was a savior for building lean muscle mass and keeping my blood sugar stable. Also the protein bars and food supplements have built my immune system so I don’t catch whatever virus is going around or struggle with bronchitis like I used to. 

It is good to change around our eating habits.  So I now eat lean, hormone free meat as my protein, lots of veggies and some fruit. That has been the clincher losing the weight these last few weeks. Good protein is key for keeping the cravings for sugar away. As I have said before I have been following the Paleo Diet and feel great. I think it is a step further into being gluten/free.

Join our call on Tuesday, August 3rd at 9pm ET. The topic is traveling and eating dinner at friends while living gluten/free.

Check out new site. I used the CINCH products for weight loss and weight management.