Wheat, weight gain & inflammation

Bloating, inflammation, aches, pains and an unpredictable gut, that was me years ago. I was truly indulging in foods that were slowly killing me and keeping unwanted pounds on.

This past weekend I visited dear friends and colleagues on their 70 acre horse farm in Virginia. Our host decided to cook all gluten-free so I could enjoy her cooking as well as the other guests. What a learning experience that was for her. She was shocked at how good the food was, all the recipes were delicious, easy and full of protein.  Everyone loved the meals she cooked.

Wheat is not the healthy grain our ancestors enjoyed.  In  William Davis, MD’s book Wheat Belly he states,that wheat has been genetically altered to provide processed-food manufacturers the greatest yield at the lowest cost. That means the wheat is nutritionally bankrupt and will cause blood sugar to spike more rapidly than eating pure table sugar and has addictive properties that cause us to ride a roller coaster of hunger, overeating and fatigue.

I love having protein, vegetables and or fruit with each meal. I am full for  4 hours (which is amazing since I have low blood sugar) My protein is either an organic source of meat or Shaklee CINCH protein meal replacement.

I am calling out to you. The person who craves breads and sugar products. Whose blood sugar rises and falls fast. Take one month and use our CINCH plan or organic meats, products to hold off the cravings in a healthy way, record your results and share them with us.  The two sites below have been helpful to others who have chosen to lose weight safely and get rid of the inflammation in their bodies. Image


Enter Contest i…

Enter Contest if you…

Are you thinking skinny jeans?

Want Gluten-free all the way, delicious, simple program.

Make 2012 the year you feel your  best.

Blooming Sassy Marketing Group in conjunction with Shaklee Corporation is offering you a chance to lose weight and win $500.
Cinch is the trademark name of the weight loss weight management program designed by the brilliant scientists at Shaklee. Over 17 years ago the products very quickly removed my cravings for sugar which kept me away from my main comfort food, brownies. 20 pounds and many inches came off as part of a new lifestyle and habits.
Because we hear so many success stories we are excited to be able to offer you the opportunity to join our Success stories challenge.

Lose weight using the CINCH program and enter the Cinch Success Stories contest for your chance to win $500!
Every month Shaklee features a new inspirational Cinch story. If you lose weight using the Cinch Inch Loss Plan, you can enter. You just need:
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  2. Before and After Photos
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  4. Before and After Measurements (if you have them)
All entries must be done through, a public site dedicated to your success. Or contact me to enter:
Hear from people using the CINCH Program  who have more confidence, feel energized and have finally found success in losing weight/inches and maintaining their ideal weight. They were thrilled as they watched their cholesterol, blood sugar levels and other numbers  hit healthy levels. Click here

Brad Lamm author of “Just 10 LBS” – Easy Steps to Weighing What You Want  says appreciate your body.
He states negative body-image thoughts can cause you to gain extra pounds.  The reason: research suggests that learning to accept and, yes, even to love your body just the way it is can actually help you lose weight.
This quarter I am focusing on working with people who want to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, take gluten & weight out of their diets all while being nice to their families and  loving how they look and feel.
If you know someone like that have them contact me now so they can find out how to  qualify for the contest to win $500.00.
Click here for Audio with scientific information, personal stories and more concerning safe, simple weight loss and maintenance.

Your Year – Your Choice

This is it,  2012.  What will it be?  The holidays are over, but are the excuses?  I definitely strayed off my path over the holidays.  I am so grateful that I have a health plan, so when I do stray it is not very far.

See why Tasha was successful in losing 80 pounds and 34 1/2 inches.

Diets work, but do not stick.  Having a plan, a lifestyle that matches your values and vision of who you are, raise the success rate.  I love to have energy, think clearly, comfortably fit into my clothes and be free of cravings.  That is path I live on. Time to go back home.

The plan that has worked for me and countless others is choosing high quality protein from shakes or Hormone free meat,  lots of vegetables and some fruit.  Drinking pure water and lots of it is essential as well.

It is essential while losing pounds to maintain lean muscle mass.  Combining the CINCH products and the Paleo lifestyle is a strong combination to maintain lean muscle mass, energy, mental clarity and quick, solid weight loss and weight maintenance.

Read how Melissa regained her self-confidence, health and energy.