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gluten-free grains

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Why do I keep doing it? Emotional stress has been an excuse I have been using. Actually it only adds to the stress. Yes, I get about a minute of pure satisfaction but that’s it.  Some can eat gluten-free grains, I cannot without repercussions. 

WIlliam Davis, MD asks in “Wheat Belly Cookbook” why not eat all the nonwheat grains you want? If they don’t cause appetite stimulation, behavioral outbursts in children, addictive consumption of foods, skin rashes, dementia, etc. why not just eat them willly-nilly?  Because they still increase blood sugar and insulin. Page 44

That is why I can’t eat gluten-free grains. I overeat, I get depressed, and have less patience, not good and not like me.

The way out for me is praying for help, releasing whatever the emotional stress was through talking with others, going to Crossfit , playing tennis and eating a paleo diet.

What are your experiences with gluten-free grains?



Is emotional eating a challenge for you?

emotional eatingI just read an article on my Shaklee 180 site that rings so true for me. I was talking with a good friend last night, she is thin, in great shape but has the same issue, emotional eating.

Do you think before you eat? Are you emotions dictating what and how much you eat?

Below are some good tips to be a conscious, healthy eater.

Olympic Gold medal connection to gluten-free diet

I  love sports. At CrossFit, tennis and running I see a big difference in my endurance, focus and lean muscle mass due to a gluten-free diet. I eat lots of vegetables, fruit, healthy fats and high quality protein, meat or Shaklee protein shakes.

Dana Vollmer  just won her first Gold Medal at the Olympics.  A Gluten-free diet made a huge difference for her. See how eating gluten-free affected her swimming and overall health.

Blooming Sassy digestion – You are what you absorb

  • 60 – 70 MILLION people are affected by digestive diseases, with a price tag of $107 BILLION DOLLARS

I was prompted to focus on healthy digestion after speaking with a client who was not absorbing her nutrients. Eating sugar, processed foods, gluten/wheat products, stress and running through life were all slowing down her ability to absorb healthy nutrition.

Nedra Sahr, M.S., C.N.S. discusses  tips on increasing absorption and feeling better due to your body receiving what it is craving, nutrients for the cells.

Top MD on Gluten issues – needless suffering and effects on the economy

I gathered many facts and studies for my monthly webinar (Living gluten & wheat free – First Steps) from Dr. Mark Hyman. His information is easy to understand and relate to.

What you don’t know might kill you    is a You Tube video discussing how gluten sensitivity can very dangerous not only to our health but to our economy.


Living gluten & what free – First steps

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CBS links sugar to cancer, heart disease and obesity

Dying for something sweet?

What if that delicious bite of a cup cake or that awesome taste of your favorite ice cream was slowly killing you?

Did you know that toxins whether environmental or internal, can be roadblocks to your wellbeing? Unwanted toxins can affect your energy, mental clarity, heart, breathing, mood, reaching your ideal weight and even your bottom line financially.

CBS did a news story on the affects sugar (in a variety of forms) has on cancer cells, heart disease, obesity and quality of life.  I have been blessed when I do eat sugar my body gives me a signal immediately – clear and present danger – I get tired, cranky, ache, my head feels stuffy and I have toruble concentrating.

In the article “Three hidden ways wheat makes you fat” Mark Hyman writes “Two slices of whole wheat bread now raises you blood sugar more than two tablespoons of table sugar.”

Chooose your foods wisely. This food pyramid is without the foods that turn to harmful sugars in our bodies.

Choose your food supplements, cleaners, skin care & personal care products wisely as well.



Buy at least two of the following products by Sunday April 15th and receive 10% rebate off your bill. 

They are all products which can aid in the balance of blood sugar and remove cravings. 

Protein: CINCH (whey or soy), Energizing Soy Protein,  Instant Protein Soy Mix

Glucose Regulation Complex

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Cinch soy or whey protein

How is your frame of mind? Plus, Gluten-free resource

Here is a resource  that answers questions about being gluten-free and  has excellent info on restaurants, recipes, articles and discussions.

I do stay away from recipes with dairy and sugar, which I did not do over the holidays and have paid a hefty  price.   Feeling tired, having cravings and a few unwanted pounds.  Back to feeling great, losing those cravings and  weight loss just from eating gluten, dairy and sugar-free. It is all about lifestyle. Even though I ate foods that I don’t normally indulge in, I still followed the Paleo diet (lifestyle), used my Shaklee supplements and other Shaklee green products free of artificial ingredients and chemicals, and  surrounded myself with healthy, positive people.  So much is influenced with my frame of mind and making a decision to be the best version of myself.

I  also incorporate workouts at CrossFit  and meditation.

All very important components to living a healthy lifestyle at an ideal weight, having a positive frame of mind and lots of energy.  This can help so many to lift their moods and enjoy a higher quality of life.  I love it!  Keep spreading the word of good health to people willing to do what it takes, and we will have less crabby people on the streets.

“What you think, you look.  What you think, you do. What you think, you are.”  – Forrest C. Shaklee, Sr.