Allergies, including gluten affected by toxins

The EPA says that only a fraction of the more than
75,000 registered chemicals have gone through testing for human health concerns.

Did you know that many of the toxins you are exposed to daily can cause or aggravate allergies and asthma? They can also add chemical calories which may complicate your weight loss or weight management goals.

Watch this 2 minute video on healthy tips for household products.

What is a chemical calorie?

Years ago I struggled with extra weight. When I finally dumped the toxins in my house, committed to a weight management program I could stick with and cut out foods I was allergic to, I was able to successfully take off weight, end cravings and fit into clothes that fit well.

If you are a smart consumer and already use safe, non-toxic cleaners, laundry concentrate, and food supplements you can now enjoy the luxury and convenience of online shopping and home delivery by shopping our online store shop now . Many of our customers are surprised to find our full line of complimentary products.

Take action now  to prevent issues. Our bodies are the most important house we will ever live in.


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