Gluten-free resource for teachers & parents

As a Mom and Grandma I know how tough it can be to send our kids out into the world with little understanding of how harmful gluten can be.

One of my son’s is getting married next week to a woman I love dearly, Jessica. Her 2 beautiful girls will also be a wonderful addition to our family.

Jessica is dedicated to using natural products free from any artificial ingredients and gluten-free. Shaklee was the brand that has made a difference for her and her kids and organic gluten-free foods.

One of the toughest obstacles for her has been when she sends the kids to school. The teachers don’t understand how important it is not to serve the kids gluten. One of the girls gets horrible stomach pains almost immediately after ingesting gluten.

Adam’s Gluten Free Surprise is a wonderful book helping teachers and classmates understand the importance of being gluten-free for some children.

Let’s get out there and educate the public.

Be sure to attend one of my “Living gluten and wheat free- first steps webinar to learn more about who affects, how and what we can do about it.

2nd Thursday of each month at 8:00pm ET.    605-475-4875   121118#Jessica and girls at 5k


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