No weighty regrets

Plan and Enjoy

Plan and Enjoy

So many have already planned out their diets for January, STOP!   I have made it a habit to protect myself with foods that will fill me up and balance my  blood sugar to stop cravings and battling the bulge. Keep you healthy goals, plan a strategy when attending holiday events and enjoy.

I always have organic fruits and veggies along with Shaklee proteins and protein bars. I have found it really helpful to have something that I can pick  up quickly to eat. The danger zone for me is when  my blood sugar drops and I get really hungry.

Below are some gluten-free holiday gift ideas that are for people who want to give gifts full of value. Gift idea #3 is key to protection against blood sugar dropping and staying gluten and craving free.

Gift idea #1:
Mama’s not happy, nobody’s happy is a package of products that saved our family,
see if it would benefit someone you know.

Gift idea #2:
Pamper Me Silly keeps my skin feeling soft. Having used these products for over a
decade my husband still comments on my youthful glow. I love how my unsightly
crow’s-feet diminished dramatically.

Gift idea #3:
No Weighty regrets this season with this  pre-holiday gift. Switch a meal and
enjoy the festivities without holiday weight gain.

As the season unfolds,
I invite you to tap into the benefits of your membership & page through the
interactive online Shaklee 2013 Product Guide. The online guide saves you gas, time and the temptation to
buy extra items while walking through the aisles.

Watch for more ideas coming next week for a green, healthy, stress free holiday season.



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