Athletic abilities improved

My push press during competition

Eating a gluten-free diet for the past 7 years has made a huge difference in my athletic abilities.  It is not just being gluten-free that has made the difference. When I eat gluten-free grains it slows me down.  The grains still break down like sugar in my body and I become weaker and slower.  I have experienced this over and over at CrossFit and when I run.

What works best for me as someone who loves to be at my ideal weight,  strong,  and compete against myself and other athletes is to have a diet of all organic foods. Here is a what my menu looks like each day;  lean meats, Shaklee protein powders, pre-workout hydration drink, recovery shake, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds along with lots of purified water and Shaklee meal replacements, protein bars and green, white, red and green matcha tea.

This is an article that backs athletes eating gluten-free while competing. What I think is missing in this article is the fact that if their bodies are performing at a higher level then why not take advantage of a healthy working body 365 days a year.


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