Gluten-free diet plus nutritional insurance for our kids


  How do  I protect my kids when they are  at school?

What will they be  eating?

What if you could send  them to school with nutritional insurance? 

Could this be the piece of   the puzzle you have been looking for?

We have a lot of competition with pizza and treats constantly  being offered to our kids. This short     video reveals how those foods affect our kids.

Protein, healthy fats, vegetables and fruits will feed our children the nutrients that will energize them. Read what is happening in some of our schools now.

Even if our young ones or grandkids don’t eat healthy all the time,  get enough sleep, and are around other kids who are sneezing and     have wet noses,  they     can still be protected. 

Plus, I know Bobby & Phillip,  my sons who are seniors in college,  like it when they  can keep their vitamin program simple. Here is a basic     program that can consistently build their immune system while    benefiting from other results as well like energy and improved focus.

Thanks to my entrepreneurial passion Bobby and his fiance are enjoying an  income while in college by building a business marketing the Shaklee     products and business plan. I am expanding, looking for entrepreneurs like     Bobby and Jessica who understand the value of building an income producing     asset. This     page reviews what we do and who we are looking for.

Want to keep build a wall of defense for your kids? Stop     the germs on counters and in the Air.

SHOP NOW at     to use the best insurance, and have a strong immune system.

Or place your order directly with Suzie     –

Our happiest customers order
a broad range of products
on a consistent basis.



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