Successful weight loss story followed on TV


Jacqui McCoy’s success on ABC’s Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition is a history-making story of amazing transformation.  In just a year, guided by extreme transformation specialist Chris Powell, Jacqui lost 207 pounds – 58% of her total body weight – the highest percentage lost in television history.

Jacqui has been supported throughout her journey by her family, including her husband, firefighter Shawn McCoy and her mom and dad, Wanda and Jon Hart.

Jacqui’s diet and fitness regime were prescribed by her coaches on Extreme Makeover.  Jacqui is also a passionate advocate for Shaklee products and her nutritional needs were supported by her use of Shaklee nutrition, including Shaklee Vitalizer™ and OmegaGuard®.


Where is Jacqui now?

A year and a half after her amazing weight loss, Jacqui remains at 155 pounds and Vitalizer™ and Cinch® are part of her new daily routine.  Jacqui loves and uses Cinch Shakes, Cinch Meal-in-a-Bars, Cinch Snack Bars, and lots of other Shaklee products.

And these days, she’s sharing what she knows – including the importance of a solid nutrition foundation with Shaklee Vitalizer – with next season’s contestants. Extreme Makeover asked Jacqui to be a consultant on the show’s third season, and Shaklee was asked to ship enough Vitalizer for the contestants Jacqui is now coaching!

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