Doctor with MS & the Paleo Diet

What a great illustration of what happens when we feed our bodies what it is craving. Dr. Terry Wahls shares her story here of dramatic change and freedom. She talks about the need when suffering with Multiple sclerosis to have plenty of Fish Oil, Coenzyme Q10, B vitamins and taking great care of the Mitochondria and Myelin.

The Paleo food choices bring us back to basics and heal our bodies.  I have found it can take years if not a lifetime to improve how we eat. That is why so many people like me use the Shaklee line of Pharmaceutical grade fish oil, CoenzymeQ10, B-Complex and VIVIX to cover the needs Dr. Wahls talks about in her video. These supplements give nutritional insurance as changes are made to our diets.

I found this video very exciting and informative.


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