Holidays, Weight gain and Depression

How are the holidays, weight gain and depression connected?  The first reason for me is forgetting the reason for the season. Christmas, celebrating the birth of Christ.  Or Hanukkah, eight days to commemorate the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem. Gratitude for having the family and friends to gather with.  Food, overeating or delving into foods with gluten and wheat  is not what we are celebrating.  I have been guilty of having   lots of good excuses for eating foods which make me feel sick.

Every Christmas we have had a tradition where I baked a birthday cake for Jesus.  Well, that could be a gluten-free cake and I could plan to share it with many so there are no left overs. So much of overeating and associating it with the holidays is in my mind.  I can change that pattern and focus on gratitude and fun.  I can plan to share that birthday cake with lots of people so there will be no leftovers which can lead to overeating.

I have experienced  eating sugar and getting depressed, isolating and tired.  According to a recent study 70% of gluten intolerant patients had social phobias. Depression was found in 52%. Italian researchers found that 22.5% of the patients with gluten sensitivity had headaches, depression, epilepsy, neuropathy & nerve entrapment syndromes such as carpal tunnel syndrome. The immune system involved about 42% of the patients.

Eating lots of healthy protein free of GMO’s and hormones help take away cravings  immediately.

Many blessings during this beautiful season.  Stay true to yourself!


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