Our son’s ADHD story
– Improved quality of life for the whole family

One of my 4 boys  had always been slow at catching onto concepts. We had him tested by a psychologist when he was five for learning disabilities. The  psychologist stated that he was too young to receive a definitive diagnosis.  Kindergarten was so tough for him that we had him repeat the year. In  first grade he received extra help from the resource room. That spring we  had a PPT meeting, which is where the psychologist, resource room teacher, principal and teacher all met to discuss the next step to take. After  discussing the little progress he had made (he could not recall words he had learned from the beginning of school, he could read close to nothing)  the school psychologist suggested Ritalin, we said we were not interested in  that route.

I had a Gemma Gorham ADD brochure at home and  decided to try  him on her program. I knew this program had been successful with many

people. We put him on (All Shaklee) Vita Lea, Lecithin, OmegaGuard, protein, Mental Acuity Plus, B-Complex, OsteoMatrix and OptiFlora. We also decreased his sugar intake and artificial flavors and colors. ALso the Shaklee products had no gluten and wheat.  One of the reasons I loved
buying from Shaklee I never had to worry about any or those ingredients in
their products. We also switched over to their non-toxic, biodegradable
cleaners, Get Clean line.

If kids cannot swallow tablets or are younger give them the children’s chewable and chewable essential fatty acids.

He was a part of this transition every step, we explained how these supplements could help him feel better. He received his supplements 3 times a
day, the school nurse gives him them at lunch. Within 4 weeks he was reading to us. When he returned to school in September, still on the supplement program, his abilities had continued to improve so much everyone was in awe.

His teacher said she had received warnings about his struggles and found them close to non-existent. The principal was so impressed with the reports  that he asked to meet with me to find out about this alternative to Ritalin.

He asked me to invite Gemma Gorham to speak to the teachers in the school district about alternatives to Ritalin. We had a very successful seminar  and I began to work with a learning disability teacher who attended, from one of the other Elementary Schools in our town to reach parents with this  information.

I remember at one point he went to a friend’s house for a sleep over. I forgot to give him his vitamins that day and did not pack any (which

I usually do). The next night I picked him up for 6pm Mass. At Church he was jumping out of his skin. I was in pain watching him. After, we talked  about the ramifications of not being consistent with the supplements. What a  wake up call! I had begun to take the supplements for granted. I really saw  what a tremendous difference they had made towards the quality of his life.

I hope to carry this message to many people. I thank God everyday for  Shaklee and what it has done for our family.

Article on gluten-free and effects on ADD/ADHD

SUZIE SUNKEL, CEO Blooming Sassy Marketing Group


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