Gluten-free weight loss minus sugar cravings

The biggest hurdle for me has been sugar cravings.  The more sugar I ate the more I wanted it.  My body craved it.  Sometimes I wanted the sugar as  an emotional cushion. How did that work for me?  It didn’t.  I felt depressed from the physical effects of the sugar, gained weight, lacked energy and got cranky.  What I found was that when I fed my body the nutritents it truly craved to run my body efficieintly the weight and inches dropped quickly.

Tips:  High quality protein, specifically the Shaklee non-GMO raw source of soy protein stopped my cravings with one protein shake. I was amazed. I had tried so many protein drinks and none of them balanced my blood sugar like the Shaklee Gluten-Free shakes and high quality hormone free meats.

When I am on the road or really busy I grab a Shaklee Gluten-Free protein bar.

Go to  to order healthy gluten-free weight loss products (CINCH)   now for 10% off first order.

Healthy fats everyday fill me up and drive away cravings as well. My favorites are Medjool dates and avocados.

Recipe Favorite:

Raw Chocolate Pudding

1 Avocado

¼ cup cacao

¼ cup agave

6 medjool

1/8 tsp. Cinnamon

½ tsp. vanilla


I mix avocado and dates in blender
until almost not bumps from dates.

Then mix in bowl with other
ingredients. I have not added the water

because I like the pudding thick.

Process all ingredients except water.
Add water gradually until

preferred consistency.


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