Beyond gluten & wheat free for ideal weight

I enjoyed living  gluten & wheat free for a many years. Then I realized even gluten free grains were making me feel tired, achy,and I was gaining weight every time I indulged in gluten-free grains.

Experimenting with eliminating grains from my diet has brought me to a new plateau with quick weight loss and a bolt of new-found energy. Just like when I gave up gluten & wheat foods it has taken me time to except that grains add-on the pounds and make me feel unhealthy. 

This week has been a turning point for me. I now accept that my body does not do well when I take in any source of grains. This was huge to finally accept that, and to stop testing the  gluten-free grain filled foods. I am done.  I have felt so good for years, maintained my ideal weight, except when I add any grains.  Well, I am ready to treat my body as the temple that it is, maintain my ideal weight, be filled with energy, mental  clarity, and  live without bloating and digestive upset.

Thank goodness I was turned on to the Paleo diet and have numerous, easy to prepare, delicious recipes that are grain free, dairy-free and sugar-free.  I am always grateful for my Shaklee gluten-free food supplements, nontoxic cleaners and paraben free skin and personal care products.


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