Weight – loss & gluten – free living

Weight loss combined with gluten-free living. 

Have you ever wondered why those last 10 pounds just won’t budge?  Or you have tried every diet or exercise program and you are still the same weight?  Along with the extra pounds comes fatigue, lack of mental clarity or just plain spacing out, aches and pains, hormone imbalance and moodiness. Lovely way to feel don’t you think, NOT.

I have been there, done that.  Before I was aware of being gluten intolerant I was indulging in breads, cereals, sugars, all the foods that were literally killing me.  The first area a doctor pointed out to me was I had Candida.  That is the overgrowth of bad bacteria from eating too much sugar (white flour turns to sugar in our bodies), being on a round of antibiotics, that’s right one round stress to name a few of the contributors.   He had me get off all the whites, sugar, fat, flour and salt.  Then I was to switch from the health food store vitamins I was using to a very high quality line.  We worked together in this process. We came to a consensus that if I was going to go to so much trouble to get healthy I wanted the vitamin company to be the best.  That was my introduction the Shaklee Corporations line of home and health products.

This Dr. was a God send. I have always believed working with any kind of health practitioner should be a partnership and we were in it together. So before I even addressed the gluten issue I started to heal my gut, which in turn aided me in absorbing my nutrients with the result of more energy, stable moods and looking a lot healthier. Do you know after one month on changing my diet and using the supplements people were coming up to me and saying “you look so healthy, what are you doing”?  How cool was that?  I thought that was the best compliment I could receive.

The weight did start to melt away. I didn’t check calories as I had with so many other diets. I was not hungry and my cravings for sugar and breads disappeared.  I continued working out at the gym and playing tennis, which in the past was not making a difference. Now it was with the help of the supplements and new food choices.

Fast forward 10 years, I had maintained my ideal for that time (give or take a few) but was noticing whenever I had foods with gluten and wheat I would put on pounds quickly and visa versa. I also would have terrible stomach aches and get tired immediately.  I realized I had given my body a head start to healing by safely losing the weight, using  high quality supplements, proteins, using only non-toxic cleaners and skin care. I can’t imagine what bad shape I would have been in had I not started to heal my body 10 years prior.  It was recommended that I get tested for Celiac. I went to a local lab and it came back negative. The nurse practitioner I was working with felt the test results were false. After many months of searching for a more accurate lab I was tested again. Not only did I have gluten sensitivity but the hereditary gene.

Amazing results.  I love how I feel being gluten & wheat free. If I get a stomach ache now I am shocked, that’s how rare it is.  Usually because there was gluten in a food that I didn’t know or I veered off from my normal diet and ate sugar. Today I don’t eat any grains. I was finding, even grains with gluten & wheat were triggering cravings and making me feel tired and moody. In the magazine “Gluten-Free Living” issue number 4 2010 on page 24 there is an article titled “ Gluten in GF Grains , a look at cross contamination risks, by Amy Ratner. She refers to a recent study of cross-contamination of naturally gluten-free grains, published in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. They found gluten in seven of 22 samples of flours, grains, nuts and seeds.

I live on a very satisfying and delicious diet lean meats and protein, vegetables, fruits, and healthy oils.

If you want to learn more about why I choose to eat the foods above Google Paleo diet. You will find books, recipes and information. 

Please join us for our “Living gluten-free – first steps webinar/teleconference on Wednesday, February 2nd at 8pm EST.


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