Nutrition excellent form of prevention

It is so cool to have more energy, be more alert and enjoy life as I get older. Amazing according to all the marketing you see that tells us as you add on the years you will develop many ailments. NOT SO!   Getting off of sugar, dairy, gluten + wheat, adding a top brand of supplements, and clearing my home and office of toxins have added years of feeling younger.

Click here for audio by Dr. Painter on using nutrition for prevention 

How important is your quality of your life?  I have no idea how long I am going to live, but I definitely want to feel great as I am living the life I am blessed with each day.

For Christmas I received 4 book s I wanted to share with you on choosing foods that will support a healthy living, losing weight so you can reach and maintain your ideal weight, have clear skin and clear thinking.  One of my colleagues just told me about a client of hers who changed her food choices to the Paleo diet (which is what 3 of the 4 books focus on) and her doctor cut her thyroid meds in 1/2, how cool is that? 

1. The Primal Blueprint – Mark Sisson

2. The Primal Blueprint Cookbook – Mark Sisson with Jennifer Meier

3. The Paleo Solution, The Original Human Diet – Robb Wolf 

There are recipes in all 3 books. They are delicious even to people who may be skeptical that foods without sugar, wheat, gluten or dairy could be tasty.  Plus, all the recipes are healthy, and help with losing or maintaining a healthy weight. 

The last book I received is not Paleo but a gluten-free cook book

4. Healthy gluten-free Cooking – 150 recipes for food lovers – Darina Allen and Rosemary Kearney

Please share books, recipes or resources you have found healthy.

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