Gluten-free pot luck dinner

Instead of going to a local restaurant for our monthly gluten-free meetup  I hosted a pot-luck dinner in my home.  The objective our dinners is to experience healthy, gluten-free meals that we can get in a restaurant or make ourselves.  It was really fun to sample dishes that each of us made and they were all simple to make. We had a beef stuffing, corn bread stuffing, home-made guacamole and veggies, pork roast marinated in a paste from “The Paleo Diet” book  and one of  my favorite recipes, healthy chocolate pudding.  I will post the recipes. 

I brought in a speaker who is the owner of CrossFit Vero Beach. I belong to that gym and  have gone a step beyond gluten-free. Wendy, the owner introduced to the Paleo lifestyle and diet which I have written about in the past. This was the first introduction of Paleo to our guests.  Everyone seemed to understand how grains affect their health, through inflammation, and blood sugar levels. Also, so many companies are seeing going gluten- free as a weight loss program or a fad that they are making foods that are filled with bad fats and sugars to make up for the gluten. Beware, and read labels.

Everyone was excited about the online presentation next week – “Living gluten and wheat free –  first steps”.  They are looking forward to hearing more about how our bodies work, areas of our health that are affected by gluten and wheat and what we can do to heal our bodies and feel better.

Article  titled “Is gluten bad for your body?” 


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