To Thine own self be true

I am out-of-town with family. The temptation to overeat is everywhere. My family is heavily into indulging in the great delicacies Manhattan has to offer.  They just ordered in from one of the best Deli’s in NYC. I have just lost 8 pounds, feel great, my clothes fit really well, and I have been enjoying the energy I have had.  I am also part of a “Paleo Challenge” at the CrossFit Gym I belong to. That involves eating according to the Paleo diet(which is a healthy way to eat which is gluten-free).  It also incorporated solid workouts a couple of times a week. I have travel CrossFit workouts outlined and will do the first one tomorrow. Still sore from the workout on Wednesday morning. I have made a committment to myself to continue this healthy way of living.  I have had a pattern in the past of eating sugar and diary when I travel.  Writing is giving me the strength and reminder to stick to who I truly am. I love being healthy, and taking care of my mind and body. I have lost weight and would like to continue to lose on this trip. I only have 5  more pounds to go to my ideal weight. 

We leave for Ireland on Saturday for a week. That should be interesting. As long as I stick to protein,veggies and fruit I will be good. I know I will be exercising and walking a lot, so that’s good.


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