First national call

Just finished hosting our first Gluten-free national call.  We had a variety of people on the call which I love.  One could owns a bed and breakfast in W. Virginia and were looking for some tips for their gluten-free guest this weekend.  they got a lot out of our topic, cleaning out your pantry and what to fill it with. they now realize that they need 2 toasters or to mark half as gluten-free.  Little tidbits like that go a long way to keep a guest from running to the bathroom.  I also told my story and gave some basics on the difference between gluten sensitivity and Celiac disease. Weight loss and weight control came up. Cutting out sugar along with the gluten/wheat supported losing cravings, weight and inflammation.

Next conference call is Tuesday, July 6th at 9pmET. Topic: Control your weight with delicious, nutritious, gluten-free diet.


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