Getting Creative  This looks like an excellent recipe for Garlic shrimp linguine with clam sauce, totally gluten/wheat free.  It  is from the book “The gloriously Gluten-free Cookbook by Vanessa Maltin.  I like fairly easy recipes that taste really good.  This is rated moderate for ease of preparation. 

I spent some time on Saturday with a colleague who owns a Health Retreat. I was so happy when I met him 8 years ago to see he choose the same manufacturer I did for his food supplements, non-toxic cleaners and other products for his home and retreat.  This is a guy who is very picky,just  like me, because of his dedication to health and the environment.Check out our choice under links for “Top product choices”. 

 He taught me how to make some raw food dishes, gluten/wheat and dairy free that were so amazing and very filling.  His recipes came from the highly recommended book ” Eating Healthy without heating”. by, Sergei and Valya Boutenko.   We took sesame seeds he had soaking overnight, drained them and squeezed, to make sesame milk.  It was really good. I don’t like milk and don’t digest dairy well so this is a great alternative. Then we took 2 cups of the seeds, sun-dried tomatoes, water, spices, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, chopped scallions, basil, yummy. We made cold celery soup with lemon, purified water, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and oregano. Next was  sunnyspread which is from sunflower seeds, walnuts, garlic, celery, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice and dry basil. Then   I tried some refrigerated  chick peas he had soaked and drained and ate as munchies.   These were all very simple to make and did not take a lot of time. I was at the retreat for 1.5hours and we put together all of the above.  That’s important to me because I won’t make it if it takes too much time.  You do need a food processor and a blender, preferable  a vita mix.

Next step is ordering the book from Amazon, Eating healthy without heating. 

Link below is for the book I used at the retreat.


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