Keep crabby people off the streets

It is amazing to me how much energy I have.  As long as I stay away from Gluten/wheat, sugar and dairy I am flying high, feeling good and very active in business and sports.  So why do I give in to sugar and dairy sometimes?  How quickly I forget when I get tempted.  Most of the time I get tempted  because I have been super busy and I’m tired.  Unless it is after 10pm, feeling tired is foreign to me.  I find the more I pay attention to my body, and slow down, I can choose to eat protein, take a quick nap or go for a walk.  Those are all behaviors which steer me away from eating sugar or dairy which make me even more tired.    It is also helpful to talk to other people who have the same reactions to those foods. I am definitely a daytime person.  I usually start to  fade by10pm and usually out by 11pm. The more I respect my natural rhythm the better I feel.  When I don’t take care of myself, I get crabby and then I am no fun to be around. 

The  link posted is from a chef who also believes staying away from gluten/wheat, sugar and dairy will lead to more energy and better health.

So, this posting is for other people like me, who do what they can to stay off the crabbyy side of the street.


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