Thinking again, uh oh

It is amazing how my thoughts can totally change my posture, energy level, and mood. One of the things that always amazes me is when I think positive thoughts, people flock into my world, and pieces fall into place bringing closer to my goals.  I love that!  I know it is my choice who is in my life and to some extent what is happening.  I took some time to catch myself with negative self talk. Now, I catch myself quickly, because I like to feel good and have fun. 

Norman Cousins had tremendous influence on me a long time ago. I remember hearing about him having a serious degenerative disease of the connective tissue. Instead of intensive drug therapy he decided to take charge of his health. Humor therapy. One of the things he did was watch a bunch of funny movies.. It had a profound effect on his health.  Sounds like a good remedy for me.

Being happy about living gluten and wheat free brings other people to me with like minds.  I feel blessed instead of deprived(which was how I felt at the beginning of my journey).

This moment is it, this is all we have. I choose to have fun NOW!


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