Nothing to eat…

How many times have I heard that from people when they first come to discover Gluten/wheat should be eliminated from their diet.  I was one of those people.  I had self diagnosed, knew I felt better without it and gave it up for a few months.  Then the bread called out to me. I wanted it so bad. So, I gave in. Well, so did my stomach, skin, energy and moods.   It took me a few more years of living in physical misery to be ready to let go of the foods that were poisoning me. I was working with a nurse practitioner and got tested at a lab. The test came back negative. We were both surprised.  I stayed away from the gluten/wheat anyway.  I felt like a different person within weeks.  She then suggested I try another lab  because they also tested for the sensitivity. Not only did it come up positive but I had the hereditary gene. Why didn’t that show up the first time?   I love telling my story because so many people relate to it. Now it has been 5 years.  Once I made the decision to remove the gluten/wheat from my diet I started to become aware of so many alternatives that actually fed my body the nutrients it needed.  I felt better and the substitutes were delicious. It did take some trial and error.  Now, since so many  people are  aware of this issue  the   market has been forced to meet the need.  Did you know that Celiac Disease is one of the most common genetic conditions in the world?   How many people do you know with weight loss issues, fatigue, depression, infertility, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, gas that have not gotten a diagnosis that has improved their problems?  I have known many.

Through this blog I am hoping to connect people who are lost in their search for good health, to people who have adjusted to living gluten/wheat free and love how they feel. 

I have had some gluten-free foods that taste so delicious that I have to stay away from them or I’ll eat the entire batch of cookies, brownies or chips. 

So, there is plenty to eat. Check out the magazine “Living without” for recipes and informative articles or their website   

Pamela’s brownie mix is awesome.  My friends know how much I like brownies. Comfort food from way back. 

Check out this link for guide to restaurants, cafes & hotels.


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